Friday, January 28, 2011


Though I imagine I would probably find ways to fill them and make the same proclamation, there simply are not enough hours in a day. What I wouldn't give for a giant pause button and the opportunity to just do the things I want to do for a day. Even an uninterrupted hour would be nice. Then I greedily think I'd need more than an hour and wish for an afternoon. 

No giant pause button, though. Just the blur of another week. 

 Quick research renders our leftover potatoes and cabbage into a modified Colcannon. I knew such a thing existed, but I never imagined it had a name. It's delicious and you should try it. And don't stick to the recipe--go crazy. Ours had carrots! Rebels!

Garlic, I believe. 
Maybe onions. 
I forgot which ones are in which bed and it's too dark to go out and check.  

 Onions? Garlic? Who knows?
I should. 
I'm sure I have it written down somewhere. 
I'm pretty sure these are the onions.

 Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc biscuit recipe is nice. 

Also made English Muffins, but forgot to take a picture of them during the day. 
I also modified the recipe to include whole wheat flour.
They were tasty, but I'm convinced I can do better.

...and off we go into the weekend, I guess. The place where aspirations meet reality and you learn to just relax into what your able to achieve as it compares to what you wanted to achieve. Failure to do so will result in losing your ever-loving mind

The end.

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