Monday, January 3, 2011

2011, Day Three: I need a nap

Day one:
-Firework shrapnel landing on the roof just after midnight, followed shortly by a jaunt outside to ask the neighbors if they could please aim the fireworks at their own house, rather than ours.
-A shrieky 4am wake-up call from a wee one with a temperature of 104.
-A tiny temperament that rises and falls with the fever that accompanies the Biggest Girl's first ever viral infection.
-Fabulous crock pot Beef Stew.
-Waking up nearly every hour through the night to listen to the grievances of a disgruntled toddler who "can't feel good" (oh, woe is the Biggest Girl!).

Day two:
-More bad moods and fever spikes.
-More waking up every stinkin' hour in the night.

Day three:
-The backaches that result from deadlifting 32 pounds of feverish misery because it needs a hug.
-A break in the fever, but no sign of a break in the attitude.
-No household staff to assist.
-Disappointing lottery results.

2011...Year of the Rabbit.
Which I hear is great when it's tossed in a stew with some dumplings.

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