Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cabinet hardware

After half-heartedly searching for cabinet hardware, we finally stumbled on some we like. Hooray! Impatient, as always, I decided to conquer the installation of said hardware while Mr. Mallard was at work. It was pretty simple and it makes a huge difference in the look of the kitchen.


I was going to do the drawer pulls, too, but the screws that came with the pulls aren't long enough to go through our fancy drawers, so we'll be taking a field trip to the hardware store later this week. 

This little dealy made all the difference. Just figure out where you want your knobs and you can make sure they are in the same spot on every cabinet. It came with a drill bit, as well as a drawer pull template, and those are both super handy, too. 

Upper cabinets before 

Pretty darn great, considering it took less than an hour and the knobs were less than thirty bucks. 


Trick #1: Put an old cookie sheet under the cabinet you're working on and it will catch all the little wood bits, thereby keeping all that gunk off your counters and floors. 

Trick #2: Use the right tool for the job. I had to climb up just a tiny bit to get the cabinets above the range and opted for the step ladder, rather than a chair. By using the ladder, the Biggest Girl sees me getting where I need to be, but she doesn't learn to climb on the dining room chairs. Ha! Brilliant, eh? 

Trick #3: Keep an eye on the quiet, cooperative child. He/she may appear to be the most amazing kid ever when, in fact, they are quietly pushing every flat thing in the kitchen under the range while you work on the upper cabinets. Awesome. Guess it's time to clean under the range now...

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