Friday, October 29, 2010

Wanted: New marbles

No point here, other than look at those bright orange carrots. Jeepers!

This week flew by. The individual days draaaaagged, but the week zipped right past me. It wasn't until late yesterday afternoon that I realized it was already Thursday. oops.

My list of things to do is huge. Okay, I guess the list of things I absolutely have to do is rather small: feed the Biggest Girl, keep her relatively clean and safe, and stay hydrated. The list of things I want to do--the list that nags at me and tells me I'm wasting time by even sitting here writing this--never stops growing and, no matter how fast I scramble, I cannot seem to make it to the top of this Mount Iwanna.

I want/kind of need to:

finish mudding the drywall in the garage
prime the garage
paint the garage
organize the garage
get the elliptical fixed
errands...lots and lots of errands to deal with
finish the cut-ins on the bedroom ceiling
do the cut-ins on the bedroom wall
paint the bedroom

holy moly...

get a piano
fix the Cabinet from Hell in the kitchen (who makes a kitchen cabinet with a 7-inch opening? I'll tell you who: The Devil)
make new curtains for the Biggest Girl's room
make a cozy dress for the Biggest Girl
learn to knit
cross stitch something
plan the backyard gardens for the spring
wash the car
clean the stupid bathtubs
have another baby
move the sage from the vase of water into a proper pot. with dirt.
make sticky buns

wear a cape
save the world
take a nap
watch a movie
leave a flaming bag of poo on the neighbor's porch
get a cool hook for the Biggest Girl awesome new fuzzy bathrobe
figure out what color to paint this room
get new switch plates for the rooms that have been painted
find a stand for the Biggest Girl's bathroom
put the last two raised beds to sleep for the winter
quit wishing we lived somewhere else and just rearrange the furniture, instead

read a book

You get the point, right? It's ridiculous. I lay down at night and these things roll around in my head and I wake up in the morning, exhausted and defeated before my feet even hit the ground. Well, I'm done feeling like crap about it all. Mr. Mallard will be done with school in six weeks or so and I will have my cohort back. For good this time, not just for a week or two between terms. We'll tackle the list together and I'll get a manicure. Right after we stain the deck and paint the french doors in the dining room.

And get a screen door.

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