Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hang 'Em Dry Challenge

Hang Em Dry Challenge 2010

So, it's late notice (sorry!), but tomorrow is the first day of Crunchy Chicken's Hang 'Em Dry Challenge. Think you can line dry your clothes for a month? Sure you can! We do it all the time and it's easy as can be. Not only do our clothes smell better, they have no trace of static cling, the colors are brighter and they are--believe it or not--more comfortable. Not to mention the deliciousness of a crunchy towel...I love it!

It's funny this challenge should come along when it did. When I was single, I dried all my clothes on a rack. Yeah, it takes a little longer, but once you start, it becomes addictive. I loved the way my clothes fit and felt and smelled. Enter marriage, a baby and the upheaval of moving cross-country and I fell off my line drying wagon. No more! I started parking the drying rack on the porch a couple months ago (sunshine!) and have no intention of stopping now. Just moving indoors for the winter and allotting a little more time for drying. Mr. Mallard and I were standing in the laundry room the other night, planning our attack on its barren walls, and my number one request was a drying rack that either lowers from the ceiling or attaches to the wall.

Rather than repeat the instructions for the challenge (or rattle of the list of benefits--financial and otherwise), I'll just give you a link: click!

If you need more inspiration, check out Project Laundry List.

viva la revolucion!

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