Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Yeah, we've been busy, but that's no excuse. I just got lazy. And didn't feel like I had a lot to say. I should say something, though. What if someone's out there, shaking their fist every time they look at the lawnmower post, thinking "Do something, Mrs. Mallard! Do something!".

Fine. I did something.

Dark Helmet sits high atop the pile-o-dirt.

A much more comfortable throne for our fearless composter. It doesn't look like much now, but we've planted some Scotch Moss in the uncovered bricks and we're hoping it softens the corners a bit as it grows. It took about an hour, but that time was broken up over the course of the afternoon because the Biggest Girl does not take kindly to projects that occur in areas where she is not allowed to roam freely.

Yeah, we grew these.
And we ate them.

Didn't grow it, but we did eat it.
Also delicious.

Forellenschluss romaine lettuce

Cantaloupe are coming along nicely.

There's more to tell (there's always more to tell). We've been potty training and traveling, eating only local meats and opting for vegetarian entrees more often than not. There are a dozen free-range eggs in our fridge right now that didn't come from a store. Clothes have been drying on the line, rather than in the dryer. As the days go by, we're getting rid of more and more of the crap we own and we have no intention of replacing it. Nope. We're barreling down the road toward simple living/minimalism. All that and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary this week.

Life is good.
That is all.

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