Friday, May 14, 2010

Flying Ant Day

When we left the house this morning, I noticed there were more birds flittering about, perching on the gutters and such, and I thought, "Look at all the birdies! So sweet...all different kinds of birds just getting along. It's going to be a good day."

Ha! It's Flying Ant Day--the day ants swarm the neighborhood and breed like crazy all over your lawn before they lose their wings and die. It's a rough life, I'll admit, but for someone (like me) who has curly hair, swarms of insects are simply not cool. Etymologist race outside, while I sprint inside, shaking my head furiously, hoping I don't have any Flying Ant Hobos stuck in my hair. Oh, they give me the willies!

See...totally creepy.

And they're all over the place. From the living room window, I can see the ones who have already lost their wings crawling around aimlessly on the street, probably unaware they are on the verge of death.


Fortunately, Flying Ant Day is really only supposed to last a couple hours. I'll be skittish for days.

Get's coming to your town soon!

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