Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Right Thumb

Several months ago, I totally annihilated my thumb while I was grating cheese. Parmesan, to be more specific. I wrapped my thumb up in a dishtowel, finish putting together the Mac & Cheese I was making and, once it was in the oven, I went to Immediate Care. I resisted going to the doctor at first, but then realized I could see something that looked like bone, so fine...I'll go. Whatever.

I kept it bandaged and wore a little splint to protect it, but the cheese grater had really done a number on my poor thumb. The chunk it took out produced a crazy little scar that actually deformed the profile of my thumb and bumped up just enough to get caught on every little thing. So frustrating and genuinely uncomfortable.

A meeting with a fabulous hand surgeon resulted in surgery last week. He wasn't able to tell if I had taken a chunk out the bone or if the scar tissue has grown so invasively that it attached itself to the bone. Either way, it's gone now and I am on the path to a full recovery. I had a sort of half-cast splint for four days and then moved to band-aid/plastic splint combination to protect the stitches for a full week. Now I've had the stitches removed, but still have to be careful with my thumb. I have to work on regaining the range of motion by doing little thumb-bending exercises, being careful not to pop the scar tissue open. While I am frustrated by my gimpiness, I am thrilled with the results of the surgery and learning to wash dishes while wearing gloves (not cool!).

I am also thrilled with Mr. Mallard. He took last week off work to help while I was in the cast and he totally blew my mind. I spend all day taking care of the Biggest Girl and the house. We have a routine and it was so very aggravating for me to let Mr. Mallard toss that routine aside and get things done his way. Oh, I drove him bonkers while I hovered, pointing and picking and bossing him around! I managed to chill, though, at some point, and watched with wonder while he and the Biggest Girl kicked so much butt as I recovered. He kept house, got up in the middle of the night to take care of diaper changes and freakouts, made dinner, did laundry...he did everything. Totally exhausted and sporting dishpan hands, he returned to work on Monday. I returned to my normal duties and the Biggest Girl searched high and low before realizing he really had gone back to work.

Point is--he's awesome. I didn't think anyone else could do my job. Apparently, he's been paying attention, though, because he rocked it. We love him like crazy and are so fortunate to have such a great man on our team. Go Daddy!

Tonight, we celebrate my recovery and Daddy's awesomeness with a batch of Macaroni & Cheese. I think I'll leave the grating to Mr. Mallard. In fact, I think this whole incident might just be enough to convince me to splurge on the new Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast 12-cup Food Processor. It's safer than a cheese grater, right?

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