Friday, November 13, 2009


Turns out the toughest part of making curtains is choosing the fabric!

Just in time for the season finale of Project Runway, I finally busted out the sewing machine and made the kitchen curtains. Since it was the first time in almost thirty years I sat down to sew and, since the curtains turned out fabulous, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to be a contestant on the next season of Runway. Maybe...

I found some great instructions here: click.
Here's the formula I used to measure the fabric:
  • ______Desired finished length of curtain (A)
  • + ______ Header (B)
  • + 1/2" to turn under top raw edge
  • + ______ Hem amount (C)
  • + 1/2" to turn under the bottom raw edge (or the hem amount for a double hem on sheer fabric)
  • = ______ Total length
Once I had my measurements, I folded the edges over and ironed them before sewing some simple straight lines.
The sewing machine was great! It was so easy to use...I guess that's why they call it the Singer Simple. It's nothing fancy, but I'd highly recommend it as a starter machine. I even threaded and installed the bobbin without incident.

Walking into the kitchen this morning, I couldn't help but smile and do a little dance...

I did it! I made those curtains!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that I had The Force on my side.

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