Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tupelo Honey

I never deliberately remember to turn the show on, but we always end up listening in and I couldn't be more pleased. It's Tupelo Honey and it comes on Tuesday nights from 5-7pm PST on KRVM. The show, hosted by Shotgun Majors, boasts "Sticky-sweet Americana music" and I'm pretty sure it's got to be the most happy-inducing show on radio today. As we sit down for dinner on these rainy winter nights, this music just makes our little world that much cozier. Where the stereo is generally just something in the background, this is one night of the week we actually turn it up and really listen. Such a pleasant, old-timey way to spend the evening--hanging out with the family, listening to a radio show. Simple pleasures, I guess...

The playlists are available on the shows blog (located here: click), along with instructions on how to download the playlists from iTunes. You can listen to the station online, as well, by going here: click. It streams 24/7, so there's always something on.

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