Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm still here. 
I'm just outside.

 Much to our surprise, our rhody is actual starting to bloom. The poor thing has had a rough life (planted, swamped, transplanted, hacked way back--all in less than a year) and my heart leapt when I saw bright pink starting to bust out of the buds. 

 I was pretty sure it was a goner. 
Resilient little sucker.

 Garlic is starting to put off scapes. 
Must. Be. Patient.


 Two little rows of them!
And we're adding another row this weekend. 

 Strawberries! We planted three different varieties this year and they're all taking off. 

 It's a tiny flower now, but it will be a tasty berry soon enough. 

We're going to need another row or two, at least. 

 Bordeaux spinach--again, we'll be planting another round this weekend. 

 Itsy bitsy Chamomile


Are you getting that we're growing our own tea here?

One of the onions we planted last fall. I couldn't resist. I had to see how big they've grown. It was the runt, anyway. And it was delicious. 

 Gave up the goldfish because we can't recycle the mylar packaging and totally rocked some homemade cheddar crackers. No surprise--they're far more delicious and extremely easy to make. Now I just need a tiny cookie cutter...

When I am inside, I've been reading a lot of this: click
And this: click
And this: click

And that's about it for now.

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