Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have, as it were, lost my voice as of late. Sitting down to write, I find I struggle to keep my thoughts focused and I believe my time would be better spent on the things I always feel I don't have the time to accomplish. They are mundane things--laundry and the like--but they are the things that will keep me on my feet at the end of the day when I could be (should be) sitting, relaxing, taking a breath.

Since I am obviously going to be less than entertaining, here are some people who actually have something to say...

Rowdy Kittens This site has been a tremendous inspiration as Mr. Mallard and I have spent the last six months methodically sorting through every single little thing in our household, determining what we really need. And when I say need, I mean need. It has been a ridiculously liberating process, full of purging and revisiting and purging some more. I can't recommend it enough.

Re-Nest & The Kitchn As part of the Apartment Therapy family, Re-Nest  and The Kitchn have provided me with altogether too many hours of pretty pictures and useful information. Ohdeedoh and Unplggd are equally enlightening, as are the house tours and decorating ideas at Apartment Therapy. Really, I live in a tiny town and these sites give me access to the ideas and inspiration I won't find by walking down Main Street. I can find a gas station and a cigarette shop, but I won't find this: click.

Crunchy Chicken This site makes me realize our pursuit of a low/no-impact way of life isn't crazy and the comments are evidence there are others like us out there. We are not alone! viva la revolucion!

...and that's all you get for now. The laundry needs to be hung, the living room straightened, granola needs to come out of the oven and I need to go enjoy the momentary hush that has fallen over Casa de Mallard before we launch into the noisy, possibly rainy evening ahead.

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