Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No TV Tuesdays

When Mr. Mallard graduated a month ago, we promptly sat down on the couch. We had a stockpile of shows we wanted to catch up on and a few we had never seen. Beyond that, we were exhausted. Nearly three years of full-time work, full-time school, full-time baby, buying a house, project after project after project, trying to figure out how to do this whole family thing...we were spent, emotionally and physically. Staring blankly at the television seemed like the most relaxing thing we could do. 

Oh, but it wasn't.

Okay, maybe we weren't physically engaged, but we weren't really mentally engaged, either. And we were staying up way too late. Just one more episode. Let's just see what house they choose. Oh, the news is on. Let's check the scores. Then we'd turn the television off and find we were too tired to get up off the couch and go to bed. 

So, all at once it's almost midnight again and we're swearing we're going to go to bed earlier and the next night rolls around and we hop on that same stagnant little pony and it's midnight again and what has happened to us?!

No more! Now we have No TV Tuesday! 

It was harder than you'd think to get started. In fact, the first week, we (read: I) decided that just coming up with the idea to not watch television was enough progress for the week and flipped on the tube. The next week, we sat on the couch and sort of smirked as we read quietly. How novel! Reading! At night! When there are programs on! Can you imagine?!

We've started cracking the whip a little more on the nights we do watch television, too. No more "just checking" to see what else is on. We watch what we plan to watch and then we're done. That's it. The results have been fabulous. Without the television to lull us into a drooling state, we've actually been getting to bed at an extremely reasonable hour. And Mr. Mallard has already finished an entire book. He read a book, people! It wasn't assigned--it was for fun! He even started another book the next day. 

So, if you want to join us,we'd love to have you. Here are the only two rules:
1. No television.
2. No using the interweb to fill the void, so no surfing/email/research after 7pm. 

1. Playoff games.
2. Homework-related internet use.

And don't think for a second that the Biggest Girl gets to wave some sort of toddler card and plop down in front of her evening program. Nope. No bedtime programs for anyone on Tuesdays. It gets a little loud until she realizes we're telling her we can read all the books she wants. Or draw. Or dance. Or just play. Then it gets amazing and fun and more like an evening with your family really should be.

Tonight, I'm actually looking forward to not turning on the television. What I am looking forward to is a giant mug of peppermint tea and a much needed steaming hot bath. After my bath, I plan on crawling to bed to read a little before I pass out from too much bliss. 

And I won't be missing a thing.

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