Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meatless Monday

We've been doing Meatless Monday for quite some time now, but I kept forgetting to encourage you to join in the fun. Along with its British companion Meat Free Monday, the folks at Meatless Monday are working to reduce meat consumption in an effort to improve both your personal and planetary health. It's really quite easy--just don't eat meat on Monday. That's not tough. We've all got a favorite vegetarian recipe or two, right? If not, there are plenty to be found at the Meatless Monday website--or at any cooking site, for that matter. Heck, there are entire magazines devoted to meatless meals!

I'll do my best to post our favorite recipes in the weeks to come. Oh, and dig this--tomorrow we're having buttermilk waffles and scrambled eggs for dinner. Meatless meal! So simple, eh? Don't be surprised if you find yourself celebrate Meatless Wednesday and Saturday and Tuesday, as well. In my search for new recipes, I've found so many that we're eating meatless meals more often than we eat meals with meat. We still love to gnaw on a good steak every now and then, but lately we've been leaning into our veggies with a ridiculous fervor.

So, Meatless Monday...won't you join us?

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