Tuesday, April 13, 2010

jet lag

We spent ten days traveling to the East coast and back to visit Mr. Mallard's family and we are now learning that children--especially very young children--don't really have a grasp on the whole "time zone" concept. Mornings are earlier here now. Nap time is earlier, too. Bedtime remains the same somehow. I guess she's just trying to get the most out of every day. Meanwhile, I am totally exhausted and have not yet managed to settle back into the pleasantly functional routine we left behind when we hopped on the plane, lo those many days ago. We have groceries now, so that's a start. And the laundry is done, so we can leave the house without looking like we're dodging the fashion police.

While I get my bearings (and take a nap), why don't you check out The Pioneer Woman. She's got a lot of great stuff going on and does not appear to be as sleepy. Or maybe she is just as sleepy, but she's more motivated. Either way, click here: click, and prepare to be wowed. And educated. and inspired. Makes me want a cow. And a farm. And a web designer.

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