Monday, March 15, 2010

So, it's Spring now?

This past winter did little to renew my love for Oregon. I do not mind the rain. In fact, I love the rain. I just wish the rain was mixed with just a little bit of snow every once in awhile. While the rest of the country got buried in snowy goodness, we suffered through one of the most mild winters on record. So lame! The next time we move, it will be to a place that has an actual winter. Someplace where the Biggest Girl can master the Art of the Snow Angel and guzzle hot chocolate with melty little marshmallows while I lay in the snowy front yard laughing about it all because I've had too much Carolan's in my own hot chocolate. These are memories every child needs.

So, we sprang forward and now we're all sleep deprived and crabby about it, but things are happening out in the yard with very little effort on our part, thus far.

We planted this crazy bulb last Fall...

...and it's given us this awesome little plant this Spring.

It will grow up to be a Fritillaria and I'm already thinking we should have planted more than one.

The once noble Bauer's Draceana...
...totally ate it during a snow-free cold snap this winter and has ceased to exist.
We had named it Jack Bauer and I did get a kick out of saying "Jack Bauer just tipped over and froze to death in our front yard." Fans of 24 were not impressed. I've never been a fan, so I still think I'm pretty witty.

The Allium bulbs have pushed their way through the leaves to make a chivey-looking entrance into this world.

Primroses live in a pot for now.

The weird tiny flowers of the Euphorbia. The plant took a bit of a hit during the winter, but it seems to bouncing back quite well, not unlike the rest of us...

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