Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gonna wash that carcinogen right outta my hair...

Sometimes I wish we lived in Europe. They have much smaller houses, great accents, and, as legend tells it, the women don't worry so much about shaving their legs (what a relief!). They also label their genetically-modified foods and refuse to stock personal care products that contain toxic chemicals.

Check out the The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to find out about formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane that is present in many mainstream baby shampoos, body washes, and disposable diaper wipes. The links in their articles are well worth the time it takes to explore--there's a ton of information that's presented in a layman's terms. If your curious where the products you use--either for yourself or your baby--fall in terms of tested toxicity, check out the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. You can sort the lists there either by tested score or alphabetically. I found alphabetically to be be easiest, simply because of the vast number of products tested. There's also a great article here: click.

It's bothersome to me, this whole "Toxic Tub" issue. And it's easy to say that we were raised using the same products and we turned out fine, but did we? Our children are being diagnosed with autism at a frighteningly high and medically unexplained rate. Infertility is rampant...

...oh, and there is more to say, but there's squeaking and giggling coming from the next room, so it's on with my day I go...check out the websites. It's troubling, but eye-opening. And just in time, too, since I'm running out of moisturizer. Time to try something new!

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