Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 10!

It grew while I wasn't sleeping!

We had some thunderstorms last night--very rare for this area--and my mathematical equations for the night goes like this:
If x=Toddler and y=Thunderstorm
And a=Mommy and b=Sleep
Then x+y=a-b

But, the delirium is taking a backseat to the thrill of new grass! Germination time is listed as 10-14 days and, sure enough, here we are on the morning of Day 10 and we've got tiny grass in patches all over the lawn. I was really starting to get concerned that something had gone awry in the topsoil spreading, fertilizing, seed spreading, watering series of events, but apparently all I needed to do was quit watching to proverbial pot so it could boil. The number of rocks in the lawn is a little bothersome--those puppies were buried under 4-6" of topsoil before it started raining. We're going to have to go on a serious Rock Patrol as soon as we can walk on the lawn. Nevertheless, this is a major victory and today is officially a success!

I wonder if all that thunder was the Grass Fairy...

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