Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toasty tootsies

I should warn you that this is not going to be in any sort of order. There are things I want to say about cloth diapers (love them) and cradle cap (fixed it), but time is not on my side right now--naptime is coming to an end. Since those are more lengthy tales, I'll just tell you what I know about baby socks.

1. I thought it was ridiculous that baby socks had little rubber treads on them. Why would a child who can't even roll themselves all the way over need any sort of traction. Aaaah...because they might be standing in an exersaucer and they need to be able to maintain their foot position. The tread also helps them when they are posting their chubby legs as they learn to roll over. 

2. I couldn't get socks to stay on Beabo's feet when she was teeny-tiny. I finally started putting her in socks that were too big. By pulling the socks up over her thighs, I was able to keep them on for a little while, at least. Footed pants work well to solve this problem, as well.

3. The big sock thing works when they finally find their feet, too. Shorter socks are easily removed by a baby that is determined to get its feet into its mouth. Longer socks take (obviously) longer to pull off. This means the tiny tootsies stay toasty longer. I have not figured out what to do about all the drool on the socks, though. 

4. Old Navy has good, cheap socks in a variety of colors. Their shorter, snuggly socks stay on better than any other socks we've tried. 

We got some little shoes to put on her feet when we go out. We found them on sale at LL Bean. They're pretty awesome. A little big for her right now, but still cute. 

Oh, and if the baby's in socks a lot, look out for toe jam. Just look out for toe jam, anyway. And finger jam and neck cheese, as well as behind the ear cheese, and belly button gunk. Filthy little animals, those babies...

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  1. St. Nicholas Day is coming soon. I wonder what kind of sockies Grammy will send her.



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